What I Do

The first piece of any project is determining your endgame; I call it developing. This is the part of the process where there are no wrong answers, where the best course of action is to let ideas flow. The most challenging part of this of course is overcoming the inclination to shut down an idea before it can actually be expanded upon.

What I Can Do For You:
I’m a master at brainstorming.

I can work with you (or your group) to talk about what your needs are, and prompt you to dig more deeply into possible solutions. I’m available via email, Skype, phone, or in person (depending on location).

Once we have some ideas, I can help you flesh out those ideas and get started with achieving your goals.


Once you’ve identified your goal, it’s time to plan out how to get there.

Events, projects, vacations: everything in life needs at least a little planning. After years of teaching, coordinating fundraisers, managing employees, and keeping my family (mostly) organized I can definitely say that planning is an area where I’ve got plenty of experience.

What I Can Do For You:
I can help you set first steps and action items. I can put together your meeting agendas and facilitate meetings. I can help you motivate your team and recognize smaller goals while working on stretch goals.


As you can see from the image above, I create using various mediums. From logos and graphics to invitations and spreadsheets, I’ll create just about anything.

What I Can Do For You:
Design your website, create a logo for your business, put together a program for your event, paint your guitar, and so many other things. Let me know your needs and we’ll make them happen.