On an Adventure

When my husband and I started dating, we promised each other that we would always pursue our dreams and passions. We didn’t want to become that stereotypical couple whose lives revolve solely around their children or dead-end jobs that exist only to pay the bills.

We’ve done a fairly good job at this. As a working musician, my husband also gets to be a stay-at-home-dad, which means that he gets to chase his dreams and set an amazing example for our son.

I’m still trying to make my professional life match up with my dreams of helping the world, but I do find time to volunteer for charities like Relay for Life and Reverb.

But most importantly we find ways to have our adventures. Sometimes it’s a random day trip as a family when we follow the road to see where it takes us, sometimes it’s a live music or theater event, and sometimes it’s exploring our neighborhood.

No matter the adventure, I love making these special memories with my little family.

A version of this essay was previously posted on the blog “On Life and Other Adventures.”